New Ultrasonic equipment from SIUI, SMARTOR, smaller, easy use, better performance and with option TG (software upgrade). SPECIAL PRICE NEW RELEASE PRODUCT till 31/12/2017!!

IP Rate: IP 65
Size: 198 (W)* 128 (H) *52.5 (D) mm
Wheight: 0.85kg

Screen: 5.7″ LCD with high resolution 640×480 pixels
Frequency range: 0.5~20MHz
UT optional functions:  B-scan, TCG, probe spectral analysis, CSC (curved surface correction), weld simulation, crack height measurement
TG optional functions: through coating measurement, echo to echo mode, B-scan, multi-layer measurement, V-PATH, TDG and temperature compensation
System ports: encoder, VGA, standard SD card, USB
Standard: EN12668-1: 2010 & EN15317-2007

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